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Before your air duct gets into trouble, you can check out these tips to discover easy solutions. There is no need to worry about grimy air ducts with these essential tips and tricks.

  • Allow ten feet of clearance above the outdoor HVAC unit

    This will make it possible for the exhaust air to get released out of the unit at a sufficiently high rate. As a result, the entire HVAC system will perform better. You will enjoy optimal indoor temperature without wasting energy. The unit requires regular cleaning too.

  • Preventing Regrowth of Air Duct Mold

    The most common cause of mold in an air duct system is a water leak. Mold thrives in damp dark places! If you have mold in your air ducts and need to have them cleaned, make sure that you (or the service professionals you hire) also address the source of the problem. Have them check all of your tubing, coils and other components for breaks and cracks that could introduce water into your air ducts.

  • Clean air ducts in new homes

    When you move to a new house, it's best to clean the ducts. You can't be sure when they were last cleaned or what their condition is like. It's good if ducts are checked. Air duct cleaning will also be necessary if a construction work is performed before moving in. If the house is very old, the ducts will most likely be old, too. In this case and if they are in bad shape, it's preferable to replace them.

  • Remove any leaves and debris from your HVAC system

    Experts at Air Duct Cleaning Santa Monica recommend an outdoor condenser cleaning every summer. In that event, you will manage to remove efficiently any leaves and debris that might cause, at some point, some barricade problems. Better prevent than cure.

  • Give your HVAC unit a tune-up before each cooling season

    Before each cooling system, it is recommended to give your HVAC unit a professional tune-up. In that event, you will prevent major malfunctions in your air conditioning system and, in addition, you will manage to keep it flawless all year round.

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