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Clean air ducts are beneficial to any home or office.

Burning with questions on the matter? Get your answers here!

How often should I carry out my outdoor condenser unit cleaning?

In essence, an outdoor condenser unit should be cleaned especially in summer months. In that event, you will manage to successfully remove the debris, leaves and dirt which may cause at some point any disturbing barricade problems.

Should I be concerned about my indoor air quality?

Well, if your air duct filters haven't been cleaned for a while, you should start worrying about your indoor air quality. In the event of a dirty HVAC system, germs and other damaging contaminants might be released into the atmosphere.

Why can't I clean ducts alone?

Air duct cleaning is a very difficult and filthy process. The hardest part is that air ducts are usually installed in the funniest and most awkward parts of each house where they are not easily reachable. Let alone that you cannot reach throughout their length.

What is the ideal interval between air duct cleaning schedules?

Although the recommended period is every other year, it might be good to have the air ducts checked and cleaned once a year after going through all the seasons. This is more applicable now since weather is very unpredictable and can cause drastic change in the air quality.

Should I get high-efficiency pleated air filters for my home?

These are regarded as the best filters for HVAC systems as they have an average efficiency rating of 15. They are also very thick (4 to 5 inches). They are the ideal choice for people with serious respiratory conditions and impaired immunity. However, due to their thickness, they may not be able to fit standard residential HVAC openings. Furthermore, the system has to pump the air more powerfully to circulate it around the property.

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