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Are you lowering your indoor air quality

05/04/2014 Back To Blog

Are you lowering your indoor air qualityDid it ever occur to you that you might be the one that is responsible for the  quality of the air you have in your home? We are not referring to your ventilating routines and habits; we are referring to more serious things like presence of various chemical particles in your air, the presence of various gases, and the presence of mold spores and similar. Believe it or not, the biggest responsibility behind these issues is on you. If you were not the one that directly polluted the air then you are the one that failed to clean the same air and secure the optimal quality levels.

What kind of cleaning products do you us around your home?

Hard to believe but true the choice of the cleaning products you use in your household may have great impact on your air quality levels. If you use lots of artificial products with toxic ingredients then quite often these ingredients when in contact with hot water evaporate directly into air finding their way eventually into our lungs. If you care about your health, your family and your indoor air quality then make sure you get rid of all the toxic cleaners and exchange them for eco friendly products. This way when you engage in cleaning you will actually be cleaning as opposed to polluting your indoor air and environment.

Get your air ducts regularly cleaned

Another very important element of maintaining the high indoor air quality has lot to do with the state of your air ducts and calls for regular cleaning of the same. Since air ducts are used for air circulation within your home it is absolutely indispensable the same air ducts are perfectly cleaned at all times. Apply these little routines into your home maintenance and in no time you will notice positive difference about the way your home feels.

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